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Fresh Start

IMA has been educating and supporting new muslims since 1989. Our team of Ulema and Sheikhs are available to provide support to new muslims in person or online. We use a combination of in-house and external service providers to deliver authentic Islamic services. Our services are not limited to the ones listed below. Please contact the Imam to discuss your needs.

Consultations – Face-to-face consultations to discuss any issue or topic.
Mentoring – Providing new muslims with personal mentors for support and guidance.
Salah Workshop – Teaching new muslims the proper performance of wudhu and salah.
Onsite Courses – Delivering onsite foundational courses to new muslims and beginners.
Social Events – Hosting regular gatherings for new muslims to socialize with other muslims.
Annual Retreat – Arranging a spiritual, educational and life changing retreat for new muslims.
Welcome Packs – Providing welcome packs of essential items to new muslims.
Ramadan and Eid – Organizing events and providing extra online support during this period.
New Muslim Gifts – Providing gifts to new muslims for ramadan and eid.
Online Courses – Delivering live online courses throughout the year.
Monthly Webinars – Interactive webinars on challenges new muslims face.
Remote Support – Dedicated support available throughout the year.
Advice Videos – Topic specific short advice videos tailored towards new muslims.